The most recent installation of “Evolutionary Artifacts’ was presented in the Heritage Gallery of the Michigan State University Museum from January 16 through April 3, 2011. During this multi-media installation at the MSU Museum, interested participants contributed photographs of their family's history along with historical artifacts. In addition and in the museum space, an audio track announced in authentic pronunciation a litany of family names, along with popular songs like Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

This exhibition seeks to bring together diverse cultures and family histories with objects that define history in the global society of the 21st century. It illuminates individual and personal ties across generations, communities, national and global exchanges that shape both concepts of identity and history. Using an experiential and interactive approach, this exhibition demonstrates how far human evolution has come and how closely interconnected we are today.

This show also establishes an alternative approach to the visual arts by reaching out to a community through new and ever-changing venues (e.g., public engagement and outreach through the Internet and other social networking sites). The installation changes during its display, photographic images are continually being uploaded and randomly projected on the walls.

Public interaction is made tangible by the addition of family photographs to the space and by the visual shadows of photo-images printed on transparent sheets through which visitors see both ghost-like historic images and are also being seen as shadows and silhouettes by other visitors to the show.